An Invitation to A Lifestyle with compost

We are Jun-namaken, Fukuoka resource-recycling laboratory.
We are a civic group to promote the enjoyment of a lifestyle
that aims to establish resouce recycling in the local community.
We pursue a resouce-recycling lifestyle that

cherishes neighborly companionship.
* is in the slow lane
* is fun and safe
* brings a sense of pleasure
* is inclusive
* is practrical
* is simple and
* is this "cool"

We hope you are interested in a resource-recycling lifestyle.
We are very happy to share such a lifestyle whith you.
You don't have to feel obliged. Just feel free to join us!

Our activites include, among others teaching how to recycle our kitchen garbage and other waste generated from our yards that is, how to turn them into compost and communicating the joy of composting.

You will be a good composter if you know the mechanism and get the knack of it. Take good care and you will feel attached to your compost and get a kick out of it all the more because you are using things around you. Why not join us and start composting with the help of your "little friends" in the soil!

We bring to the region only techniques that have been implemented and tested...
Evolving daily...

50 yrs ago-started composting.
15 yrs ago-started compost lectures for local citizens
11 yrs ago-started popularizing composting (cardboad-box composting)

What is compost ?

Compost means oganic matter decomposed by microbes into a nutritions substance which plants can easily absorb. Organic matter is not completely but partially decomposed. As hard-to-decompose organic matter is steadily supplied, it will continue to give nutrition to plants at a slow pace. This is called "soil fertility".

Compost gradually improves soil fertility. It works somewhere between soil conditioners and fertilitizers. When chemical fertilizers were not available in old times, compost was crucial to making a good soil. When soil is enriched with compost, it will easily gather and drain water, yet also retain the water better.

The idea we have in mind of good compost is a substance that has a soft touch like "walking in the forest".

It's a Waste to Throw Kitchen Garbage Away

When you turn over fallen leaves, you will find many insects underneath. If you look at them through a magnifying glass, you will also find lots of microbes. Anyone of these living things is an important member of the natural living environment. You have learned at school that these living things are decomposers.

If you mix withered plants with kitchen garbage, you will be able to make compost. You may feel microbes "breathing" in this process. Moreover, when you touch the soil, you may become aware of the nature surrounding you.

A necessary thing for making compost is human wisdom and a little bit of time. If you give compost to the soil, it will enrich it and increase the things and plants living in the soil. Rich soil will grow good vegetables and flowers. What's returned to the soil will come back to us as good food or a beautiful landscape. The soil is a source of life. Human beings in the ecosystem are also supported by the soil. It is wasteful to throw kitchen garbage away.

Don't you think so indeed?